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Frequently Asked Questions

Why "Fiddle"?

Starting with a blank canvas is hard. If you can use an existing example, change it, and share it we all benefit. Fiddling is tweaking, experimenting, and discovering solutions through sharing.

Why is my Fiddle code/link "local"?

A Fiddle is only assigned a unique link (CODE) when you first save it. A new Fiddle is given the code local as the Fiddle data is only stored on your local machine/device until you save it.

What is an Item?

Think of an Items as a Post-It notes you add to the canvas. Items can contain text, an asset, or both. Items can be color coded, prioritized (ordered), and are searchable. Currently supported assets are images and sketches. Coming soon are functional objects including charts, cash flows, results and more.

Can I drag and order Items?

Yes. Dragging items is enabled by default in Canvas, Block and Stack views. You can enable/disable dragging by clicking the hand icon in the toolbar. For touch screens use the screen edge to scroll when dragging is ON. On small screens with limited scroll space it is handy to turn dragging OFF when not required. In addition to dragging you can use the action icons ( ) to copy or move items between block, Stack and Archive.

How do I move an Item to another Block?

Drag an item to move it between blocks and the Stack. In block and Stack views you can also click the cut icon in the item header to pop it onto the Stack. And click the left arrow icon in the item header to move it from the Stack to the block. If you are not sure where to put an item pop it on the Stack.

How do I permanently delete an Item?

You can permanently delete an item from the Archive. Move it to the Archive by popping it on the Stack, then click cut icon to move it to the Archive. From the Archive you can click the trash icon to permanently delete the item.

Where is the Toolbar?

Toggle display of the toolbar by clicking the shadow just below the top button bar or clicking the section title. From the toolbar you can search and filter items by keyword and/or color. In canvas view you can toggle display between Canvas or List and take Snapshots. In snapshot view you can revert the canvas to any snapshot and delete snapshots.

Why is the Stack empty when I share a Fiddle?

When you load a Fiddle using the url link/code only the canvas, building block items, and details are shared. All other data including the Stack, Assets, Snapshots and Archive are only available to the owner (creator) of the canvas and available if you are signed in. You can select which private items to share, including the Stack, under Access and Sharing in your Fiddle Settings.

How can I copy a Fiddle?

Click the copy icon available next to each of your fiddles under My Stuff. The copy will contain everything from the source Fiddle - including Stack, Snapshots, and Archive. Currently we do not copy assets. Assets link to and display the source Fiddle code at the bottom right of the asset.

What is the item validate status for?

Toggle an item's validation status in block view using the icon. This will cycle between not validated (guess/hypothesis), validated (proven correct), invalidated (proven incorrect). Invalidated items also have a line through their text. Default/initial status for an item is information (item does not require validation). In future validation items will automatically be added to a kanban/test management tool.

Can I start a blank canvas with a specific template?

Specify any of the built-in canvas templates using the template code:

Can I open multiple canvases at the same time?

Fiddle data is stored locally by your web browser. To open multiple canvases in tabs using the same browser turn OFF local storage. Go to Settings > Labels and Metrics and click the ON status for Local storage to toggle to OFF.

When local storage is OFF save any changes or they will be lost when you close or refresh the browser. Alternatively use a different web browser for each canvas you want to have open at the same time.

We recommend always using Local storage ON when working on your own machine/device.

When I save I get a "document conflict" message. What should I do?

This happens if you edit a Fiddle from different machines/devices and then try to save a version that is not based on most recently saved version. When working from different machines/devices avoid this by always saving changes and reloading the Fiddle before editing.

Why do I get an alert "Error: Invalid login credentials"?

If you checked the "Remember me" option, or reload the application on a mobile device from standby, you signed in you are automatically the next time you load the application. If you sign in from a different machine/device and updated your user account/profile details we invalidate any previous automatic sign ins from other machine/devices.

Something went wrong. How do I reset?

Your most recent Fiddle data is stored locally by your web browser. If for some reason this data becomes corrupted the Fiddle may not load correctly - even if you repeatedly refresh your web browser. In this case you need to reset by entering "reset" as the Fiddle CODE in the url/link in your browser address bar.

You can click this link to reset now:

Which web browsers can I use?

The latest web browsers should work. Not all features are supported on every browser. Use Google Chrome for full feature support including file uploading and drawing.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 works with reduced features and cosmetic rendering differences. Drag and drop only works in block and Stack views, not Canvas.

For mobile devices we focus on WebKit based browsers this includes Apple Mobile Safari and Google Chrome (Android 2.2+ devices only).

Can I link to my Fiddle and disable dragging?

Yes. To turn dragging OFF when loading a Fiddle add ?sort=0 to the Fiddle link. For example This is useful if you want to share a Fiddle and avoid viewers inadvertently dragging items when scrolling (typically on touch devices).

You can also ensure Details and Notes are displayed by adding notes=1, like this

Is my data private and secure?

You set the access permissions for your Fiddle. Private Fiddles can only be accessed by authorized email addresses after Sign In with the authorized address. Non-member email addresses require registration to sign in. We do not access any Fiddle data you have entered. We do review the total number Fiddles created (overall and by member) and the total number of each canvas template used.

How can I delete my Account?

Email us from your registered email address and request deletion of your account and all Fiddles. Typically we allow 24 hours before deletion.

Fiddles are free how can I help you?

Business Model Fiddle is free so anyone can create, share and learn without a cost barrier. Funding is through donations and sponsorship.

Your donations allows us to spend more time developing and improving Business Model Fiddle. If you would like to sponsor development we'd love to hear from you.

Question not answered?

If you have a question email us and we'll answer it pronto.

Still have a problem?

If a problem persists email us with details and we'll get it sorted.