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Supported Languages

Business Model Fiddles support most languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Persian can be used however we have not yet optimized right-aligned layout.

We are adding languages to the Business Model Fiddle application as these are contributed by Fiddlers. Currently we are working on Japanese, Russian, and Chinese.

Setting the Fiddle Language

The default Fiddle application language is set by the language of your web browser if supported. We currently support English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Dutch. You can set your language preference after Sign In under your Account settings.

If a canvas templates is not yet available a supported language the English version will be used. See details below if you want to translate a template or if would like to assist by translating templates or the Business Model Fiddle application.

Available Translated Templates

English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Russian are supported with built-in templates (not all templates are available in each language).

Many thanks to the following Fiddlers for translating the application and templates:

How to Translate a Template

To translate a template you create an empty Fiddle and customize the template information.

  1. Start a new Fiddle from Settings > New
  2. Save the Fiddle. This will give you a link for your translated template.
  3. Select Settings > Customize Template
  4. Select each canvas block and edit/translate the associated block Title, Description and Help information. Save the Fiddle as you make changes.
  5. When you have completed translation, make sure to save and then select Settings > New to load a new empty template. This will ensure that you do not overwrite your translated template.
  6. Share your translated template with the Fiddle community. Send us the link and we'll add it to the list above.

Note: When using a translated template please do NOT select another template after you have added items to your Fiddle. If you do your Fiddle will use the built-in English version with no way to reload the translated template.

Help us with Translation

You can help us by translating the text used in the Business Model Fiddle application.

Contact us and we'll send you a link to a Google Spreadsheet with the application interface text. You add the translated text to the spreadsheet.

Let us know when you are finished. We'll take it from there and include your name in the application credits.

Corrections and Improvements

We welcome your review of templates and advice to correct and improve translations. If you see anything that needs attention please let us know.