Business Model Fiddle

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How It Works

Note: Version 1.1 has been released and includes new features currently not described in detail here.


A Business Model Fiddle has 7 main sections:

  1. Canvas
  2. Building Blocks
  3. Item Stack
  4. Settings
  5. My Stuff
  6. Assets (v1.1)
  7. Snapshots (v1.1)


Business Model Fiddle uses the popular business model canvas layout to give a single page snapshot of your model.

The canvas provides navigation to the canvas building blocks by selecting the block. Filter blocks using options available in the canvas toolbar.

Reveal or hide the toolbar by either clicking the toolbar edge visible just below the top button bar, or clicking the title of the current view.

Toggle between Canvas and List view by clicking the toolbar list view button. List view displays the canvas blocks in a single column ordered in workflow sequence.

Print the canvas directly using your web browser print feature. Depending on which browser your use you may need to enable background printing for colors.

The Fiddle layout adapts to the size of your device, screen, or web browser window.

The Save button is enabled whenever the canvas has been changed. You must be signed in to save your canvas and get a sharable link.

Building Blocks

Most canvases have 9 building blocks. The block the workflow sequence number is shown at the top right, the item count is display at the bottom.

Select a block for the detailed block view. Step through the building blocks using the left/right arrows in the button bar.

A block contains Items. An item may be text (note), an asset, or both. Currently only image (photo) assets are available.

Select an item to edit and change the text, asset, or color. To add an asset select the item and then select the asset.

Click icons in the selected item's header bar to prioritize (move up /down), star (favorite), remove the item asset, or move the item from the block to the Stack.

The Stack is available when editing any block so you can easily move items between blocks and the stack.


Expand the Help+ panel for guidance. You can edit information in the help panel from the canvas settings. If no information is available the Help panel is not displayed.

Item Stack

The Stack is a central item store and available from any building block.

Access the Stack by cycling through the canvas block sequence. The stack appears before the first block and after the last block:

Stack <-> First Block <-> ... <-> Last Block <-> Stack

Use the Stack to collect and organize items (ideas, facts, opinions, guesses). If you are not sure where an item belongs just pop it on the Stack.

Easily add items to the Stack when editing building blocks. Just add an item to the block and then click the "-" minus sign to move it to the Stack.

To move a Stack item to a building block click the Stack item.

Select and item to edit or add an asset just like you do for block items.

Use the Archive to keep your canvas and item Stack clutter free.

Select an Archive item to move it to the Stack. Click the item's bin (trash) icon to permanently delete the item.


Version 1.1 adds a separate Assets view for uploading, listing and creating (sketching) assets.

Assets are information objects you can add to building blocks or attach to items. Currently images (photos) are supported. Additional assets will be added in future.

Expand the Assets+ panel to list available Assets. Upload assets from the Upload panel. Browser uploading is available for web browsers supporting the new HTML5 upload technology, currently Chrome and Firefox only.

Upload via email by sending attachments to your unique canvas email address from your registered email address.

Email uploading is great for gathering ideas in the field. Customers, competing products, napkin sketches... Just snap a picture with your mobile device and email it to your canvas. Within a few minutes it will appear in your Assets list.

Depending on your device (phone, tablet) you can select the most appropriate photo size to email. We accept JPG files up to 2MB. If the file is less than 25KB we use it as is. If it's larger we resize to max 460 pixels wide with some quality loss.

Version 1.1 supports JPG, PNG and GIF image formats. Uploaded images are resized to maximum width 960px (used in the drawing tool) and 460px for item images.


Edit any Fiddle to create a new version, or choose a template (Business Model Generation, Business Model You, Lean, User Experience or a blank canvas) to get started.

If you are signed in use the Copy button to make a copy of the currently selected Fiddle. To load a Fiddle use the Fiddle link or enter the Fiddle CODE and click Go. This is similar to using the Fiddle link in your browser address bar, the difference is Go will always reload the Fiddle even if it's the same one currently loaded.

Switch templates at any time. Add or edit the template help information to create your own custom template for classes and workshops. Just make the changes and save. Then use the Fiddle link whenever you want to use the same customized template.

Give item colors a label - team members names, type (idea, fact, opinions, guess...) - whatever classification works for your Fiddle.

My Stuff

After you register and Sign In your profile information and all your Fiddles are available here.

Change your email address and password from your Profile settings.

Select a Fiddle from your Fiddle list to view or edit it.

You must be signed in to save a Fiddle. When you save your Fiddle it is assigned a unique sharable Fiddle link (CODE).

Your Fiddle is stored locally by your web browser. If you shut your browser the next time you visit (without a specific Fiddle link) the local canvas will be reloaded.

To share you Fiddle you must distribute the link. Copy the address in your browser address bar or send out your Fiddle code.

Remember. Anyone can view, edit or fork a Fiddle. Collaboration is as easy as sharing your Fiddle link by email, twitter, your blog or website.